Holistic Wellness on the Central Coast

At the Essential Wellness Treatment Center, our team of experienced therapists offers a wide range of services for whole-self healing. Our tried-and-true therapies incorporating essential oils, Acupressure, therapeutic massage, and more, treat all levels of all-over wellness. With over 30 years combined experience, we will create a custom, personalized treatment plan for your unique pains.

What is your body trying to tell you?

That is what we will work together to help you find out. Our deeply relaxing treatments promote healing and balance. We can also help treat the deeper emotional challenges that may be at the root of your health problems. Whether you’re looking for an escape or are on the road to recovery; we are here to help.


Are you ready to discover your essential wellness?

Find Relief

Experience whole-self healing on multiple levels. Our services can provide relief for both physical and emotional pain. Explore our therapies and discover your essential wellness.

Essential Oil Experts

Almost all of our treatments incorporate high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils. We also teach our clients to take control of their wellness by harnessing the power of oils at home.

Education That Heals

We have over 15 years of experience teaching others effective stress relief techniques that they can use on themselves, their families, and their patients.


  • I was diagnosed with scoliosis in the sixth grade. A few months ago I started having back pain and noticed the curvature in my spine had increased quite a bit and was causing problems. I’ve known Lori all my life so I decided to try her Raindrop Therapy technique. Immediately the pain lessened and made life much more bearable. After just a month the pain was practically gone. Even my chiropractor was impressed when I came in one week and he found my hips were perfectly aligned. My back feels and looks straighter. Not only did Lori’s raindrop therapy help my back, it’s a relaxing and energizing treatment I look forward to every time I come in.

    - Andrea J.
  • I had already been through years of traditional psychological/counseling type therapy along with anti-depressant medication. In the eyes of traditional medicine I was a “success story,” but to me I was still a lost soul. I had 7 life changing sessions of EFT using essential oils… The negative feelings are gone, in many cases with just one session of EFT. I feel like a different person… the one I was meant to be all along.

    - Janet L.
  • Raindrop massage therapy is THE most relaxing way to stay healthy. The nine powerful essential oils are the key to keeping me well. I am convinced that I did not get the flu that was being shared in my office because of Lori and monthly raindrop therapy.

    - Mary H.
  • Turbo healing – that’s what I experience with Lori! The combination of Lori (highly intuitive and insightful) plus the phenomenal power of EFT (removes negative beliefs/blocks on a super deep level) plus the awe-inspiring power of essential oils (accesses and releases on cellular level on yet a deeper level) = turbo! This trio together works in a dimension so beyond anything else. There is no comparison to any other kind of healing – I know because I have been heavily into alternative healing for years… I love that Lori is all about self-empowerment! She is passionate about helping you learn new highly effective tools to use anytime, anywhere! I recommend her wholeheartedly!

    - Monique D.
  • Lori attends many training workshops and programs, which is another reason I trust her knowledge. It is important for me to know that she continues to grow and educate herself in her field. Lately I have used EFT to help me gain confidence in areas of my life such as in the business of writing and as a horseback rider learning to compete in the show ring. I always look forward to seeing Lori because she approaches life in fun and positive ways. Lori not only loves what she does, she is passionate about it!

    - Robin R.
  • Lori’s massages will transport you to heaven! I have had many massages in lots of places (salons and resorts) and I have never had someone with Lori’s knowledge of how to enhance your massage experience using essential oils. I also have never experienced a better hot stone treatment – nobody comes close to the way Lori uses them. My husband and I have been getting the most wonderful massages from Lori for 6-7 years now. We have also been using essential oils from Lori for years. Dave loves the peppermint for an all-around mood lifter. Lavender rubbed on the bottom of the feet is great before bedtime, especially for the kids.

    - S. Garretson
  • Lori is always attentive and easy to work with. She’s got super touch. She’s a great resource person for other kinds of issues besides massage.